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Evelyn Wood

Welcome my ladies!!

My name is Evelyn Wood and I’m the creator of A Lady’s Life, which I just launched in May 2016!!!

A blog for women who enjoy creating glamor and ladylike vintage style in their lives. Trained in fashion design and dressmaking, I run my own fashion label where I produce glamorous, authentic vintage reproduction clothing from the 1930’s 40’s and 50’s.

Being an avid op-shopper ( that is : thrift shopper) and general rescuer of old clothing, I also buy and sell vintage and retro clothing and most of all I LOVE to play dress ups in my everyday life!  This style permeates my whole life,  and as a consequence, I get asked ALOT of questions!

I would say I have been accused of being a ‘Lady’ my whole life!

It first came as a surprise to me when other women, would ask me questions like “Where did you get that fabulous outfit from?”, ” How do you pull off that style?” Where do you find all these pieces?”. Essentially I was being asked “How do I do what you what you do?” And almost always the conversations ends with the other person saying

” I wish I could do that”

Evelyn Wood about

.Well ladies, my answer is this, YOU CAN! And on this blog I will endeavour to show you how!

My vision for A Lady’s Life is to be a one stop resource for mastering the art of lady like vintage style and glamorous living.

I endeavor to inspire you to bring glamour to your everyday and give you all the skills I know to take a hands on approach to creating and having confidence in your own unique vintage style, and the wardrobe of your dreams!


I believe in red lipstick and in creating the life you envision to be your most fabulous self!

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