How I create a 1930’s dress – The creation process of sewing a vintage dress!

I was contacted by the team at Lincraft to participate in a competition! The brief was to create a dress suitable to wear for Spring Racing 

From their spring racing collection of fabric new into store! ( You can view the range here) And of course, I said yes!

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After much searching, I was inspired by this 1930’s dress I had seen on Pinterest, from a vintage mail order catalog from a 1930s fashion magazine.

I just LOVED the skirt, the pockets, and the side ruffles!! But I wanted something more floaty around the shoulders, I just didn’t know what yet!

So I went shopping with this in mind and an idea of the fabrics I liked (I had viewed the range online but I knew I would really have to wait to see the prints in person to decide what I liked) but only a loose idea so I could keep my options open!

Hunting around the store I first stumbled upon a gorgeous mustard yellow velvet ribbon (Lincraft has a huge range of fabulous trims! If you need some check them out), but I had to pick fabric first!!!

So instead of getting distracted… I headed to the fabric, found the spring racing collection, and of course the fabrics I thought I liked on my computer… were not what  as good as I thought they would be. But this beautiful blue 30’s looking print crepe de chine did take may fancy!

And it matched the yellow velvet trim perfectly!!!

So I got guessed amounts of fabric and trim and then took my loot home to put together this vintage styled dress!

After much decision making, I decided to use the bodice design from the Mildred dress from my vintage reproduction collection, and create a skirt to match the one I loved, from the 1930’s fashion catalog.

It was a puzzle with 1000 pieces to put this all together!! I had to make adjustments to the pattern so it would fit onto the fabric length I had, and not to mention the trouble in trying to make it work with the printed design of the fabric….

But it all came together really nicely at the end, and it looks fantastic! I actually cannot wait to make this pattern again in another print for summer!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my creation, and the process it takes to create something sometimes is much longer than you think, to get it just perfect!

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