THE DRESSMAKERS STARTER TOOLKIT – The essential sewing tools you need to get started

What are the ESSENTIAL sewing tools every new dressmaker and sewer needs??? I have them listed all here for you!

These are what I consider to be the basic starter sewing equipment that you need to just get started sewing!

So here is your shopping list with some links to great items I use

( these are affiliate links, it doesn’t cost you anything at all but helps me out!)

• About 5 bobbins – These here fit most and come in a lovely case!
• Sharp fabric scissors – These are my favorite brand! 
• Paper scissors – Any craft scissors you have are ok, but here is some if you want a nice pair!
Pins – in bulk so you don’t run out!
Magnetic pincushion
• Tailor’s chalk – This is one of my favorite brand of chalk and this is a texta marker you might like
Quick unpick or seam ripper – a sharp one!
Matching thread to sew with – Here is a multi-pack to get started on!
Hand sewing needles – a variety of sizes for every job
Tape measure – This one has all the measurements just the way I like to see them!
• Iron – Just use what you have for now!
• Scrap or spare fabric for testing and practice (an old bed sheet is perfect!)

So now you have the shopping list of everything you need to just get yourself started sewing!

I will be following this video up with another that will be the sewing tools you will want to upgrade to after you have been sewing for a while, and then on my personal favorites and what I use!

So stay tuned for those in the coming weeks!

If I missed any ESSENTIALS tools, let me know below!

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  1. Vous êtes géniale ! de plus vous êtes ravissante le style vintage vous va à ravir^^

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  2. Vous êtes géniale ! ravissante et souriante c’est très agréable de vous suuvre.
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