How to Refashion Thrift Store Clothes to Vintage Style – Mens Shirt +Lace Doily collar – Thrift to Vintage Ep4

I used a doily!! Yes, one of those lacey/ crochets, old lady things that go under vases! And I added it to a men’s shirt, made a few sewing tweaks and…

I recently had the idea to use a linen doily as a collar, well a while ago!

And so I have been stocking up on beautiful hand crochet ones that I find, usually at the thrift store for not much at all as it seems they aren’t very popular these days!

I decided last week to use one on a 1920’s  dress I made from scratch, and it turned out spectacular!

So I wanted to see if I could do the same to a full crochet one, and how that might turn out!

I happened to have lots of men’s shirts from a recent thrift haul that are ready for refashioning, so I found one that matched the doily color, and I just made the rest up as I went along!

You can tell because my plan changed half way through. Instead of a fitted blouse, I decided to keep it loose and more like a light jacket.

It reminds me of a fancy painter jacket, and it was pointed out in the comments in Youtube also!

Well, this is something I will definitely be trying again, and I hope that it might give you an idea of how you might use one to create your own vintage collar on, well whatever you like!

This is the fun of sewing after all!

Let me know what you thought of this one, is it something that you might try yourself?

Leave me a comment below.

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4 thoughts on “How to Refashion Thrift Store Clothes to Vintage Style – Mens Shirt +Lace Doily collar – Thrift to Vintage Ep4

  1. That shirt looks lovely after the doily refashioning. I do see vintage doilies all the time when I’m shopping and they are so pretty. I’m always thinking there should be something you can do with them! This was a great idea.


    1. Thanks, Theresa! Yes, I find them all the time too! And I thought they would make something beautiful vintage since they are already old and have that old look and feel, and then thought COLLARS!!! You should definitely try it on something and see what you can create!

  2. Today I discovered you on YouTube and enjoyed every moment of your creative way of making designs and styles your way. Looking forward to seeing more projects on YouTube from you. And your delightful attitude is contagious. Have an awesome day, dj

    1. Hi Dj, Thankyou so much for popping over and saying hello on my blog!
      I am very happy to hear you liked my videos and seeing what I create! I will making more and hope you stick around for them! Thanks so much again! x

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