How to Refashion Thrift Store Clothes to Vintage – 1930’s style blouse – Thrift to Vintage Ep3

My latest thrift store refashion!!!
I found this shapeless cotton blouse at the thrift store recently. I was drawn to the print and I could ‘see’ I could create a 1930’s style blouse with it!

It is a boxy blouse with no fitting, but the fabric!!! It is a super light cotton and the print just said ‘1039’s’ to me! The pleats down the front also gave it a nice design feature.

So I took it home and just sewed in some darts for shape, added lace to the pintucks for extra detail.


The biggest change was to the sleeves. I took these off entirely, and added an extra panel to make them bigger, go I could gather them up and create a  ‘puffy’ 30’s style sleeve from this tired thrift store number.



Lace was also added to the sleeve hem, and then I put a strip of fabric under that lace so it looked more like the like on the blouse.


And voila!

It is done!

This was a fairly easy refashion and can be done on all sorts of blouses.

So I hope you like the refashion and maybe it gives you a little inspiration on what you might be able to do with the next boxy blouse in a fabulous print you find!

So did you like it? Would you try this one??

Let me know in the comments below!


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8 thoughts on “How to Refashion Thrift Store Clothes to Vintage – 1930’s style blouse – Thrift to Vintage Ep3

    1. Thnak Theresa! Oh, that is hard to say, as it takes longer to film it as I go! maybe if I were to do it again… just 1hr. Im so glad you liked it! xx

  1. This is wonderful…really love the puffy sleeves and the lace trim. And, the white ribbon tied in a bow is a sweet touch. 🙂 Yes, I would enjoy seeing more REFASHION videos.

    1. Hi Dee, thank you! Yes, I felt that it needed just a small something at the collar to finish it, and the velvet ribbon was perfect! I really love doing these so will have some new ones coming out!

  2. Hi Evelyn, Im in Australia and since I attended the Miss Fishers Lawn Party in Brisbane, Im hooked on wearing 1920s fashion. I too repurpose items and make my own accessories. The thing I’d like to do is great a club or group that meets once a month for an authentic 1920s outing. In Brisbane once a month they have silent movies with a piano player…. it’s so nice. I’ve been once, and went dressed up. If you are interested in creating a club for the 1920s or 30s enthusiast, I would love to be involved.

    1. Hi Beverley! I too went to the lawn party!! it was really great! And the exhibit was just divine! I was only looking through the book again the other day! Do you mean the movies at Metro Arts? I have seen it, and have been meaning to go along because it sounds amazing fun! but I have not been yet! I’m not sure that making a club is my thing, but it might be nice to do as a group!!!

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