Projects of a dressmaker- ep 1 Making an off the shoulder sundress for a client

Here is a little behind the scenes vlog of a recent client project on mine!
You can see what my client wanted me to create, the fabric she had, the pattern I used as a block to start with, and what changes I had to make along the way in the fitting process.

My customer came to me with the brief -she wanted this exact dress made as the picture in the fabric that she had already purchased. Luckily for me, the fabric was a perfect match to the design, we have enough, and looks just like the picture too!

I used an old 70ss or 80’s pattern in a similar shape as a block to start with, and then made all the pattern adjustments from there.

And as my client was tall, it was easy to keep the long proportions of the dress too!

I just did an ‘outside shell’ fitting on this one. meaning Instead of a full toile I was fairly sure this was going to come together easily, so just made a shell of the garment in the yellow fabric, without seam or hem finishes and elastic just basted on.

And as expected the only real adjustment I needed to make was the shoulder ruffle, it needed to come in tighter so it didn’t fall off!

The end result was, well pretty perfect! Both myself and client were very happy with how this turned out. My client was thrilled as she couldn’t believe “it looks just like the picture!”

So, what did you think??? Leave a comment below.

I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into the process of making a client garment. I would loke to hear your thoughts and if you enjoyed this type of video?

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