Thrift to Vintage ep2 – Refashioning a Boxy 80’s 2pce Set into a 1940’s Playsuit!

So, by now you might know that refashioning thrift store clothing in vintage styled outfits is one of my favorite things to do!

Not only for the creativity involved, but I actually like to wear these refashions as my everyday vintage attire, so I don’t ruin my real, delicate, vintage!

Here I was, casually walking through the thrift store and found this, rather ugly, boxy 80’s mother of the bride 2 pce set… but the silk fabric… the gorgeous print...

I could see instantly the beautiful 1940’s 2pce play suit that I knew I could turn it into!

I know you enjoy taking a peek into my process to get some inspiration of your own, so the video on how I did it is on YouTube now!

Click to watch the video below


I  bet you have passed up something similar in the past, not realizing the potential it might have been!

Isn’t is amazing just what you can create out of something very ordinary!

So how did you like my transformation? Leave me a  comment below about how you liked it!

And if there is a particular thrift item that you would like to see me transform, let me know! I might just do it!


Evelyn xx


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6 thoughts on “Thrift to Vintage ep2 – Refashioning a Boxy 80’s 2pce Set into a 1940’s Playsuit!

  1. I was really impressed with this transformation, you are very skilled! I haven’t mastered darts yet but I would like to practice them so that I can attempt something similar. X

    1. Porcelina thank you, I’m so glad that you enjoyed it! Yes, darts are something I add all the time to create shape in these refashioning projects! Yes just a bit of practice and I’m sure you can do the same thing!
      Evelyn xx

  2. Wow! Love what you did with that outfit. I often see things in thrifts that I envision being refashioned into something else, but have not attempted.. This video is inspiring me to give it a try!

    1. Fabulous Theresa!! That is music to my ears! I really hope that you do give it a try! Just start with simple things and work your way through to something more complicated!

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