How to Hand Sew a Hem on a Vintage Dress

I am always surprised by the amount of people I meet that can’t sew, well a single thing!!! But most of them I discover want to! And I am passionate about keeping the art of sewing alive!

It is a huge belief of mine that sewing is a life skill that everyone should have!

Now I’m not talking about being able to whip up and evening frock in the afternoon to wear that night (though that can be a reality!)

I’m talking simple sewing skills like sewing buttons repairing current clothing and, you guessed it, sewing up a hem!

So whilst I was hemming up on of my 1950’s vintage reproduction Lucille dresses for a customer, I was thinking ‘Why does no one  know how to do this?’

And so on a whim decided to film it and make a tutorial for all those ladies I meet that are just dying to get to know some basic sewing!

This is the quickest and easiest way I know how to hand sew a hem, You won’t need any machine and you can use it on any type of hem!

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I have used rayon hem tape, and I, of course, prefer a vintage look and feel to all my garments.

If you’re hemming an existing vintage dress, you can re-use the hem  tape that you might already find on the dress.  Or you can find this one I used from Snug Hug.


I hope this tutorial was useful to you, and remember to keep it on bookmark for when you need it!

Let me know what you thought in the comments below!

And if you have a sewing skill you liked to learn, let me know what it is!

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